A bit of a mixed bag

So I had a bit of catching up to do on my blog for the last couple of weeks and after reviewing my runs it certainly was a bit of a mixed bag.

April fools day was quite apt as a day where I had what felt like a fairly poor run. The core and the hips just didn’t feel right at all and I seemed to struggle with each and every mile. I managed to stick at it for 10K but was disappointed to finish in 53:38. Chalk it up to experience I guess.


Club night on the 4th seemed to go much better and I managed to hold on to the front/middle of the green group as we covered 6.5 miles in 55:10. A much better run and got some confidence back. There were quite a few musters and traffic stops during the run so I felt that I could potentially gone a bit quicker.


On the 9th I headed to Widnes Parkrun for the first time. My usual Parkrun in Warrington covers all sorts of terrain and given the awful weather recently I felt that this wasn’t the best day to run a good time which I felt  I had in me. So instead, I made a quick trip over to Widnes as their run is entirely on tarmac. In the end this was a good decision as I really pulled a great run out of the bag I felt and covered the 5K in 24:11 which was a PB for me by at least a minute which I was delighted with.


A short break at Center Parcs in the Lake District really helped the training actually. I managed to get a 10K run in that was REALLY hard and much more hilly than I am used to. The thighs were certainly burning at the end.54:18 wasn’t the greatest time but this combined with pulling my daughter up and down the hills in a trailer certainly worked those quads.


Today was the Port Sunlight 10K and a great sunny spring day for a run. I managed a new PB by knocking 3 minutes off my 10K PB and coming home in 49:09. I have to say the highlight was running the kids 1K with my daughter and seeing her get her first bit of bling.


2 thoughts on “A bit of a mixed bag

  1. If i could knock 3 minutes off a 1ok i’d be a very happy man. Good running, keep it up.


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