Liverpool “Spring” 10K

This week has been a good week on the running front. The thing I am most pleased about is that I have managed to run 3 times this week and haven’t really suffered with shin pain to the extent that I have in the past. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time that I ran 3 times in week. It is certainly more than 6 months ago. I’m guessing that the conditioning work that I have been doing is finally starting to pay off with the shins, as well as the improvements I’ve seen in my race times. Another factor that may have been at play is that the Monday and Thursday club runs that I did I actually stepped down a group and ran in the “blue” group which was 9-10 minute miles, rather than my usual group that runs 8-9 minute miles. I think I have to teach myself that you can enjoy the training runs and you don’t have to PB every single time you go out for a run.

Thursday’s run was a particularly eventful one too. It had rained pretty solidly all day but about half an hour before the club run was about to start the sun came out, which helped to prise me off the sofa and pull my trainers on. Unfortunately, about 10 minutes after setting off the heavens opened and over the course of the next 45 minutes we were treated to a pretty impressive storm, including hail, rain, thunder, lightening and by the time we got back to HQ the sun was out and we had a rainbow!

I hadn’t planned to run over the bank holiday weekend, however at the last minute I got a place in the Liverpool Spring 10K held in Sefton Park. I had done this race a number of years ago so was relatively familiar with it and the fact that there were enough Warrington Running Club runners going to fill an entire coach, I knew I would be in good company. Considering this race was titled the “Spring 10K” the weather was distinctly wintry and we all got pretty soaked waiting for the start.

The WRC posse before the start

The start of the race was difficult and very congested. There seemed to be a lot of people who had moved up the start pens and therefore there were quite a lot of people to dodge round in the initial stages which I always find really frustrating. Once the first mile was out of the way and the field began to thin I seemed to settle into the run much better. The course was described as “flat” however it certainly wasn’t. The first 2K or so were downhill and then the next 2K were uphill in and around the park. I think I got to the halfway point at around 25 minutes and was feeling pretty good. between 5 & 6K it was uphill, but I had heard from some of my fellow WRCr’s that it was downhill pretty much from 6 to 9K and thankfully this did seem to be the case. I have to say the kilometre markers did seem a bit off as it seemed an absolute age between 7&8 and then we were on the 9K mark in no time.

The cheering from the WRC cheer squad helped in the final uphill climb to the finish and I was pleased to cross the line around 52 minutes by the clock at the finish. The Garmin measured the course slightly short and by the watch I finished in 50:36. Given I hadn’t really planned to run this race I was really happy with my 2nd best 10K time ever. I’ll certainly give this race another go next year as it was well supported and well organised and for the entry fee it was a good tech t-shirt and medal. The only strange thing was that the main sponsor was John West, there was a tin of Tuna in the goody bag?

What’s the oddest thing you’ve ever received in a race goody bag?


One thought on “Liverpool “Spring” 10K

  1. Ha ha! I’d complain about the lack of Tuna! 😀 First 10K I did, we got a mug instead of a medal, which was very disappointing. Personally, I’m happy with bling and a banana, and a t-shirt is always an added bonus.
    Congratulations on your results too. Very well done indeed! 🙂


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