Catching up

So I really haven’t kept up with this blog recently at all. To be honest I have found motivation a little difficult in recent months. I have struggled with shin pain again unfortunately which has limited my training somewhat, and it also seems to be accompanied by a pain in my right glute muscle which shoots down my leg and into my shin and ankle. This has been very frustrating and painful on some of my runs, but I am relieved that it does seem to be originating from the glute and the hips and isn’t the same searing pain of shin splints in their usual form.

I’venot raced all that much recently but did do a local 10K on Sunday in Birchwood. I did this race last year and the weather was scorching and humid and I really wasn’t in the bestow shape. Last year incomplete it in 60:55 and this year, with some huffing and puffing admittedly, I managed 49:39 and this was my 3rd best 10K time ever. At least my post race picture, although not the most flattering, hopefully shows the effort I put in.

My focus now shifts to the English Half Marathon which is in my home town of Warrington. I am having a weeks holiday in Lanzarote from Thursday and I will be taking my trainers, although the heat might prevent me doing too much training. I’ll then need to get some miles in to ensure I can do a decent time. I really want sub 1:50 but this will be tough so if I an beat my PB of 1:53:12 I’ll be very happy. My other target is to get back to updating this more regularly 😀


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