Some hot, sticky and sweaty miles in Lanzarote 

There hasn’t been much running or training over the last week or so as I prepared for a family holiday in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. For the first time ever though, I did pack running shoes and kit in the vain hope that I would be able to get out for a few miles in the mornings before the weather got too hot. This is the first time I had ever considered doing any sort of exercise whilst on holiday so I will take that as progress.

In reality it proved more difficult that I had anticipated to get out running. A combination of high temperatures, all inclusive food and drink, and lots of time spent entertaining my four year old daughter in the pool and/or beach, combined with an unwillingness to get out of bed in the morning meant I only got one run in. 

Having said that it was a very pleasant change from my usual routes which are usually pavements near home, dodging traffic crossings and running past industrial distribution units or retail parks. Instead I had a wonderful promenade overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to look at. I was thankful that there are usually strong winds on Lanzarote as the temperature, even in the evening when I managed to get out were still in the high 20’s, which for us Brits is hot! I managed to get 5 miles I and averaged 8:25 minute miles, which given the heat I was pleased with. I had hoped for more mileage if I am honest but holiday times are family times and there will be plenty of time to get miles under my belt when I get home.

Attention now turns to the English Half Marathon. This is in my home town of Warrington and is therefore the home race of my running club so we are expecting a strong turnout and the streets to be covered in primrose and blue (our club colours). A significant club cheer squad is always guaranteed too which is great. I am nervous about the race as although I have had some good progress over 5 and 10K in recent months, I have only managed to do one long (13.1) run since the Chester Half Marathon in May. I know that this in reality is my need to constantly keep getting PBs in my races so I am trying to keep this in mind and keep the pressure off myself. My PB is 1:53:12 but I have had a goal to try and get up 1:50. I know this will be a real challenge as it works out at roughly 8:23 minute miles and I will struggle to keep up this pace so if I can come in under my PB that really should be a sensible goal instead. I also have the Manchester Half Marathon in mid October, which is a very flat and fast course, so this may be a better candidate for a PB.
I’ll post on my holiday recovery runs I due course.


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