Marathon training week 3 (again) and the appearance of an old enemy

OK, so I got my weeks mixed up with my training plan. The week just gone was actually week 3 and having worked out when I intend to run my marathon, week 1 has now become week zero. Other than a miscalculation on what week of my plan I am actually up to (not a problem as week 1 was a duplicate of week 0) the training has gone according to plan and the 80/20 training method still seems to be working well for me.

After a new 10K PB at the Mad Dog race in Southport, Monday was a rest day. It has been a strange turnaround in fortunes that I spent most of my rest day wishing I was out running. In the past my body would have been crying out for a legitimate excuse to rest up for a day but with this new training plan has come a sense of commitment and determination that I really want to harness and make the most of.

The weather was freezing last week so I wimped out and did a few days on the trot on the treadmill. BIG MISTAKE. The shin splints that I have battled so hard to overcome made a come back in a big way. To say I was gutted would be an understatement. Having worked so hard last year to improve my overall fitness, build strength in my legs and core, and after the results I got last year this felt like a real blow. I kept running though, which is probably the wrong thing to so, but stayed away from the treadmill in the hope that getting back on the tarmac and focusing again on landing mid foot would help.

I skipped the slower foundation run on Saturday and decided to head back to Parkrun and try and take advantage of the pace I had at Mad Dog the previous weekend and see if I could apply it to a 5K. I managed to get round Widnes Parkrun in 22.24, which was a new PB for me for 5K. So that’s a 10K and a 5K PB in the space of 7 days. Not bad for a weeks work eh?

As I write this I am still struggling with shinsplints but the pain has lessened and is now more of an ache and a feeling of tightness than the searing shin pain of before. I am hopeful that if I just continue with my 80/20 plan and carry on running at a slow and steady pace than I can get back to where I was before with my shins.

I’m trying to stay positive and take heart from my 5K and 10K PBs that the training plan is working, but also, that last week was a “rest” week and I still ran over 24 miles. ME! 24 miles in a rest week! 🙂


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